Norm Matloff's Frequently-Accessed Writings

Norman Matloff's Frequently-Accessed Writings

Norm Matloff is a professor of computer science at the University of California at Davis, and is an active writer on social topics. Dr. Matloff's interests are mainly in issues involving minorities and age discrimination, touching on immigration, affirmative action and Silicon Valley hiring practices. Professor Matloff has been active in Chinese immigrant communities for over 20 years.

Click here for Professor Matloff's Minority Affairs Forum and immigration Web site. Both sites feature articles by various authors representing all sides of the debates on minority issues and immigration.

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Professor Matloff has long been active in minority issues, and is a former Chair of the faculty Affirmative Action Committee at UC Davis. He has been particularly active in Chinese-immigrant communities (thus the Chinese example in many of his writings on general social issues). Click here for a summary of his background.

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