Immigration's Impacts on Minorities

Overview of contents:

Jesse Laguna's Los Angeles Times piece on the reasons why repeating polling has shown Latino-Americans to favor reductions in both legal and illegal immigration. Laguna attributes this to the fact that Latinos are the first ones who are hurt by large-scale immigration.

Next we have Norman Matloff's Public Interest article, ``How Immigration Harms Minorities.'' That article was adapted from his longer analysis, which he presented earlier in testimony to Congress (for a more nicely-formatted PDF version of that testimony, click here ).

Peter Skerry writes in The New Republic on the adverse impacts on African-Americans.

Peter Schuck then follows with an essay on loss of political power of African-Americans due to immigration.

A Web site on affirmative action and immigration.

Conditions of Asian immigrant children in San Francisco.

A collection of testimonies to the House Immigration Subcommittee on March 11, 1999, in an Oversight Hearing on The Impact of Immigration on Recent Immigrants and Black and Hispanic Citizens