The Committee for Rational Relations with China

The Committee for Rational Relations with China

The Committee for Rational Relations with China was formed in 1995 by George Koo and Lester Lee, two prominent members of the Chinese-American community. Other members include David Lam, Norm Matloff, David Sturdevant, Ron Unz and Vince Vasconi. Our group pursues the goal of facilitating U.S.-Chinese relations in a manner beneficial to both Chinese and American societies.

While we ourselves may be among China's strongest critics on certain human-rights and other issues, at the same time we believe that the American press and government have often engaged in unfair "China-bashing," holding China to much higher standards than those applied to American allies, and indeed higher than the standards the U.S. aplies to itself.

It is particularly unfortunate that much of the American rhetoric toward China is resented by the Chinese people themselves, both those in China and also many Chinese-Americans. A case in point is that of U.S. congressional threats to revoke China's Most Favored Nation (MFN) trade status. While we Americans certainly have the right to weigh the positive and negative economic impacts of trade with China (say issues like the trade deficit or U.S. access to Chinese markets), it is dishonest and manipulative to call for restrictions on China trade on the grounds that such restrictions are aimed at helping the Chinese populace. Even the prominent China critic Orville Schell has stated that most people in China oppose such restrictions, and this sentiment has been echoed repeatedly in polls of Chinese foreign students in the U.S., immigrants who come to the U.S. from China, and so on.

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Opposing viewpoints: Though CRRC asserts that its moderate view of China is representative of what immigrant Chinese-Americans feel, there are several organizations founded primarly by immigrant Chinese-Americans who have views opposite those of CRRC, such as the following.

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