Homework to be submitted:

Homework I

Homework II/III

Homework IV

Homework V

Reading homework:

For Exam I:

PLN unit on digital design

Dandamudi, Ch. 2, except: p.46 bottom, p.47, Sec. 2.7.3

Dandamudi, Ch. 3

PLN unit on multiplication

Dandamudi, Ch. 4, through Sec. 4.6.1

material from discussion sections, through October 17

For Exam II:

Dandamudi, Ch. 16, except Sec. 16.6

Dandamudi, Ch. 17

Dandamudi, Ch. 18, except: Example 18.2; Sec. 18.5.1; all subsequent references to segments (take segment numbers to be 0 in the pictures); Sec. 18.8.3; Sec. 18.9

PLN unit on interleaving

material from discussion sections, since Exam I, through November 14

For Exam III:

all of the above

PLN unit on I/O and its update

Dandamudi, Sections 19.4.2 (except material directly on Intel 8237, p.781ff), 19.5, 19.6.1 (1.5 pages on serial transmission only), 19.7