An article by Norman Matloff about Dr. Raymond Luh, a Chinese-American whose firing from his government job had racial implications.

Issues of discrimination against (and by) immigrants.

Peter Skerry on tensions between African-Americans and Latino immigrants. (See also the piece by Jack Miles in Atlantic Monthly, October, 1992.)

A site on the murder of Vincent Chin.

Next, Prof. Matloff's San Francisco Chronicle article on race relations between Asians and blacks/Latinos. He wrote this article at the request of the Chronicle, which specified the Asian focus. The Chronicle editor who approached Dr. Matloff with this request, Margaret Suh, is herself an Asian-American and subsequently became editor of AsianWeek. A longer version of Dr. Matloff's article, calling on Asian-American leaders to take more proactive measures to reduce Asian immigrant racism toward blacks and Latinos, appeared in AsianWeek.

The Catholic Mobile Racial Justice page.

A list of organizations dealing with race relations issues.

Materials dealing with Affirmative Action.

An index to miscellaneous Web sites dealing with race.

Peter Schuck then follows with an essay on loss of political power of African-Americans due to immigration.

A special series of articles in the Los Angeles Times on the fifth anniversity of the 1992 Los Angeles riots, in which many black rioters targeted Korean businesses.

An interesting Web page on interracial marriage.

A site on pressuring the government to investigate the Kao shooting.

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