How to Do This and That with LATEX 

Don't know how to do something in LATEX ? Look here first. Below is an index of various LATEX constructs.

In order to use this index, just look for an English term (either manually scroll through in alphabetical order, or use your browser's Find facility) which describes what you want to do.

bar (math):



binomial coefficients:

blank space:

boldface (and other) math fonts:


cursive script fonts (mathematical):

In math mode, to get cursive script, use \mathcal, e.g.

$\mathcal A$

for a curse ("calligraphic") capital A.

cases (mathematical):


date ("article" style):

derivatives (math)


"dropped" (occupies several lines of text, as in an old-fashioned novel) initial capital letter in a paragraph:

enlarging the font size:

equations (math):

Note carefully: Do not leave blank lines in the equation environment, as it will cause an error.

escaping special characters:

floor, ceiling (math):

hat (math):


You can get hyperlinks within your document--in the table of contents, equation references etc., as well as to external Web links--by including a line


near the beginning of your document. By the way, if you use \tableofcontents make sure to use it in that form instead of \tableofcontents{}.

implication arrow: including graphics files:

infinity (math symbol):

installing .sty files or packages:

integrals (math):

"landscape" (as opposed to "portrait") printing:

letterhead, skipping over:

limits (math):

limits on integrals, sums etc. (math):

line break:

listing program code: long equations:

math symbols:

matrices (math):

min, max, log etc. (math)

the multline and eqnarry environments (math):

norm, vector (math):

"not equals" sign (math):

page numbering:

paragraph indentation:

plus-or-minus (math symbol):

quotation marks:


Note: I've found that in some distributions, I occasionally get "undefined reference" error messages, even though the reference is there. I've found that I can fix this by removing the .aux and .out files.

rotating text, including making it upside-down:

sections, subsections etc.:


subscripts, superscripts (math):

sums (math):


table of contents:


theorems, etc.

tilde (math):

title page ("article" style):

union, intersection, subset, superset (math):