Norman Matloff's PVM Web Page

Norm Matloff's PVM Web Page

Professor Norm Matloff
Dept. of Computer Science
University of California at Davis
Davis, CA 95616

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PVM ("Parallel Virtual Machine") is a message-passing library and runtime system, callable from C or C++ on any TCP/IP network (and usable on special hardware as well, such as shared-memory multiprocessors). It is free, public domain software, and is extremely widely used. It is also quite well documented in an MIT Press book (actually available in its entirety on the Web; see below), its own Usenet newsgroups (comp.parallel.pvm), and so on. Although PVM has evolved into another message-passing system, MPI, PVM continues to enjoy wide popularity.

Paul Hirose of ACS has placed PVM executables on the ACS SPARCs (the "Mexican food" machines), in /usr/local/pvm.

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