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Professor Norm Matloff's Joe Editor Web Page

Professor Norm Matloff
Dept. of Computer Science
University of California at Davis
Davis, CA 95616

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The joe ("Joe's Own Editor") text editor has become popular because although it is simple and compact, it:

All the CSIF systems have joe available. And again, if you work on some other system, joe compiles quickly and without any special effort on your part.

Here are information sources on joe:

I usually myself use the elvis text editor, a greatly enhanced version of vi, featuring windows, mouse capability and many other conveniences. Unlike joe, vi/elvis is not "modeless," meaning that in vi/elvis you cannot add text simply by typing wherever the cursor is; you must enter "text insert" mode first. I like vi/elvis for this reason, as it saves a lot of key strokes, but many people prefer a modeless editor. If you wish to go to a more advanced editor after learning joe but want to stick to the modeless class, by far the most popular modeless editor in the Unix world is emacs, which I highly recommend. In fact, joe has the capability of emulating a subset of emacs; simply type

jmacs filename
instead of
joe filename
to invoke joe with emacs key mappings.

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