Norman Matloff's MulSim Multiprocessor Simulator

Norm Matloff's MulSim Multiprocessor Simulator

MulSim is a simulator for a shared-memory multiprocessor, written by Norman Matloff with a compiler by Kevin Rich. Its advantage is its simplicity and platform independence, compared to more sophisticated simulators such as rsim, PROTEUS, Tango and limes, which are platform-restricted and much more complicated to use. Another advantage of MulSim is that it includes a built-in debugging tool. On the other hand, MulSim is not as polished as, say, rsim (as of now one cannot use the float type in C and the debugger is not fully symbolic).

Here is what is available for MulSim:

Professor Matloff also is the author of TupleDSM, a software distributed shared memory (DSM) system running on top of a Linda environment. Its simple structure is especially suited for teaching students about the "innards" of software DSM systems.

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