Dear Mr. George Koo,

Having read a number of articles of yours on the issue of Sino-American relationship on CCF, I just want to tell you that you have spoken out what is in my heart, and I want to thank you for your work.

I was born and raised in China and came to this country 9 years ago. Like many people with similar background, I am very grateful that I could see China from the western point of view and see America with the Chinese point of view. It is probably fair to say that people like us, those with the bicultural background, are the ones who can best understand both China and the U.S. among people from both countries. The troubled relationship between China and the US is perhaps mainly caused by the misunderstanding and mistrust of the two nations, especially politicians. Of course, the American bipartisan politics plays a major role in creating this strained relationship as well. On the other hand, had the understanding between the two nations been better, the Republicans or Democrats would perhaps have not always resorted to China whenever they need to find out something dirty about the other party.

At the present, the Chinese-American relationship is in a vicious circle. It seems that anything related to `China'' or ``Chinese'' could be turned into ``bad news''. Even good news about China when reported by the US media, will have a bad interpretation, or a reminder of something bad happened in the past. The relentless China bashing by the congress and the media has planted a seed in many American people's mind that China is their #1 enemy. This saddens me tremendously.

America is now my home. I have an American husband, an American-born son, and I myself am about to become a citizen of this country. I love America! I also love China, where I grew up and where I will always have strong emotional ties. Like you, it is also my DREAM to see the friendship of these two great nations restored.

Once again, thank you and people like you who are working hard to make this dream come true!

(name withheld by request of the author)