Getting Started with Qualtrics

Norman Matloff
Department of Computer Science
University of California, Davis


The Qualtrics survey tool, now available at many universities, provides "survey capabilities for the masses," convenient and (for the most part) easy to use. It's a complex instrument, with myriad features, but the aim of this Web page is to make it is easy to perform the basics.

Creating a Project

Create New Project | Survey | Project Name | Blank Project | Get Started

That last button is on the far right; you may need to widen your browser window.

Carefully configure your survey, by clicking Survey Options.

Composing Questions

Create New Question | Change Question Type

Text Entry (essay/short answer), Multiple Choice etc.

Write your question in the box labeled "Click to write the question text." Write in THAT same box, where this text is, erasing it first, not in the one below it, which is for answers.

Multiple choice questions: Click the check box of the question. A choice can be removed by clicking the drop down box labeled "Click to write choice [X]" and selecting Remove Choice. Below the Change Question Type box in the upper-right of the window, see "Choices"; here you can change the number of choices.

Saving Your Work


A "Survey Activated" box will pop up, with the URL for the respondents to use. If you forget to note the URL, you can get it later via Distributons | Anonymous Link.

Editing Your Work

You can come back later, after publishing, and edit the survey, including adding new questions or deleting some. For the latter, click on the red (international) stop sign on the far right of the question.

Viewing the Results

Go to the Data && Analysis section of your project. You can toggle which survey questions are displayed via Tools | Choose Columns.


Disclaimer: I am a new Qualtrics user myself. This Web document represents what I know (or think I know) so far. I believe you will find it useful, but of course no guarantees are implied, in this or any other of my Web sites.