Click here to read Norman Matloff's article debunking the claim of a desperate software``shortage.''

Next, there is Norman Matloff's analysis of immigration and the U.S. computer industry. What events led to there being so many immigrants in the industry? Are they needed? What have their contributions been? If you can print Postscript files, click here to get the better-formatted Postscript version of the Matloff report. Matloff published summaries of the report as two articles (with somewhat different focuses) in the National Review and Immigration Review. He also wrote a very short form of the report as an op-ed piece in the San Francisco Chronicle.

Currently the computer industry is claiming a desperate shortage of programmers.

Then a closer look at H-1B visa abuse, including Larry Richards' "sting" operation.

TJ Rodgers, CEO of Cypress Semiconductor, has an article, "Immigration: the View from Silicon Valley," outlining what he believes are weaknesses in arguments made by proponents of immigration reform. Part of his article is on immigrants in the high-tech world.

An article about policy on, and impacts of, foreign-born scientists and engineers by Michael Teitelbaum of the Sloan Foundation, who is a member of the bipartisan, congressionally-appointed U.S. Commission on Immigration Reform

The Pandora Science Project, which offers a critical look at the excessive hiring of foreign nationals in American university science departments.

Bob Rivers' analysis of alleged shortages in the computing fields.

A link provides access to Richards' Senate testimony as well. Much other useful information is available on Softpac's site

A remarkable site run by Intel employees on matters such as alleged age discrimination at Intel. This is related both to the hiring of foreign nationals and to Norman Matloff's theme of the industry's discarding of experienced workers to save salary costs.

A letter to Congress by Silicon Valley CEO TJ Rodgers maintains that the high-tech industries rely heavily on immigrants, and urges Congress not to restrict the ability of employers to hire foreign nationals.

A Web site set up by a lawyer for immigration in computer fields.

The American Engineering Association has quite a bit of material, notably including the AEA Congressional testimony by Bill Reed and the testimony by David North, former Assistant Secretary of Labor (not affiliated with AEA); some of North's findings differ from those in the Matloff report cited above.

A white paper by a lawyer for the computer industry.

A list of H-1B (skilled immigrant) visa jobs.

Computerworld, a trade paper for computer-industry managers, has a Web page of links to lawyers, position papers and other pro-immigration resources.

A report by the U.S. Dept. of Commerce, largely based on a report by the industry trade association Information Technology Association of America (ITAA), claiming a serious shortage of information technology workers.