Undergraduate Computer Science Curricula at UCD

Undergraduate Computer Science Curricula at UCD

Norman Matloff
Professor of Computer Science
and Chair of the Undergraduate Affairs Committee

May 19, 2000

Undergraduate Majors

theory 32
software (data structures/algs, OS, prog langs, etc.)56
architecture (assemby lang, dig design, cache/VM)33
electronics (circuits, dig design lab, microprocessors)4
computer networkselectiverequired
software engineeringelectiverequired
computer elective courses44
advanced math41

What Students Find Attractive About Each Major

Quality and Perceptions of Students in the Two Majors by the Faculty

Depth of the Curriculum

An advantage of the quarter system is that we can offer more depth. For example, students can take:

Some Tools Used

These of course depend on the class and the instructor, but here is a sample:

Internships, Co-ops, Permanent Jobs Etc.

Quality of Teaching and Advising

Course Staffing and Structure

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