Welcome to Data Analysis with R

© Norman S. Matloff, 2013-


This is a short course in the basics of statistics/data analysis, using the popular open-source software tool .

Background Needed

No prior knowledge of statistics or programming is assumed. All that is needed is the ability to read basic charts and graphs, and familiarity with very simple computer basics, e.g. the concept of files and folders (called directories in some systems).

Exorcizing the Intimidation Factor

The approach here is intended to be gentle, avoiding math equations for the most part, just simply appealing to the common sense everyone has. Though R is a sophisticated programming language, the treatment here is limited to some basic techniques that in fact enable one to do most of the standard types of analysis. So, you will indeed be able do data analysis after working through this material, both in terms of the statistical concepts and of a computer tool (R) for putting those concepts into action.

However, you must do your part. You cannot read this material passively, like you would a novel. You must constantly give active thought to the material, asking yourself questions like, "How could I apply this to my favorite data set?"--and actually try it out! There are exercises at the end of each lesson, but to really learn, you should devise your own little exercises, and try them out.

I suggest copying-and-pasting with your mouse, from the R commands in the lessons to your R window as you go along, to get the full visual effect.