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Norm Matloff's Big Data Visualization Tools

(Here I define Big Data rather generally. Any data set that is large enough to fill major portions of the screen when the points are plotted counts as Big from my point of view.)

I've developed a new graphical package for R, BDGraphs, which you can download here, or in individual files form, here. (In order to avoid confusion with an unrelated package BDGraph on CRAN, I will soon change the name of my package to BigNGraphs.) It consists of some novel tools for visualization of large data sets. They are computationally intensive, but use parallel processing to greatly reduce the workload.

Here are the main tools (best understood by clicking on the Examples link):

All tools here use nonparametric curve estimation methods, which may be computationally intensive, so that the package offers parallel computation, on either multicore machines or clusters.

My JSM talk is here, and the full paper is here.

Note: No warranties made of any kind regarding the software or methodology.