A Course in Parallel Programming (open textbook)

Professor Norm Matloff , University of California, Davis

The materials here form a textbook for a course in parallel programming, using MPI and OpenMP for its main concrete examples.

The materials are continuously evolving, with new examples and topics being added. NOTE: THESE MATERIALS WILL UNDERGO A MAJOR UPDATE/REVISION NEAR THE END OF MARCH, 2008.

Prerequisites: The student must know calculus, basic matrix algebra, and have skill in programming and debugging, at the level typical of upper-division computer science courses.

Copyright N.S. Matloff, 2006-2008. Permission to use these materials in teaching is granted, provided the copyright page is displayed in each unit. I would appreciate being notified, just for the purpose of knowing the materials are being put to use, but this is not required.

List of units: