Norman Matloff's Depaul Mic-1/Mac-1 Simulator Web Page

Professor Matloff's Guide to the Depaul Mic-1/Mac-1 Simulator

Professor Norman Matloff
Department of Computer Science
University of California at Davis
Last Updated January 24, 1999

(Please mail any questions to Norm Matloff.)

Professor Andrew Tanenbaum's Mic-1/Mac-1 example of microcoding is very popular, and thus has inspired many people to write simulators for it. We use the one written by Professor Rosalee Nerheim-Wolfe of Depaul University. One of its major advantages is that it allows you to design and simulate other target architectures in addition to Mac-1.

Prof. Matloff has placed a copy of the package on the CSIF HPs, in the subdirectory Pub/MicMac.

Here are some resources for the package: