Membership - Committee on Courses of Instruction, 1999-2000 (as of 11/1/99):

Two members from each college (at-large members, appointed by the Committee on Committees):

College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences:

Bruce Jaffee
Bryan Weare

College of Letters and Science:

Marta Altisent
Max Byrd

College of Engineering

Bryan Jenkins
Norman Matloff, Committee Chair

Chairperson of each college or school Courses Committee (ex officio):

Agriculture and Environmental Sciences: Arnold J. Sillman
Engineering: Gary Ford
Letters and Science: Ching-Yao Fong
Veterinary Medicine: Jan Ilkiw
Medicine: James Holcroft

Chairperson, Graduate Council Courses Committee (ex officio):

John Labavitch

Undergraduate student representatives:

(bylaw specifies 2 members but 3 were selected, to insure some student availability at meetings in spite of schedule conflicts):

Dorothea Howe
Jamie Law
W. Woklar

Graduate student representative:

Edwin Alagozian

Representative appointed by the Davis Academic Federation:

Susan Keen

Registrar (ex officio):

Jack Farrell


Molly Theodossy, Catalog Coordinator
Keitha Hunter, former Catalog Coordinator

Staff support:

Donna McDaniel