ECS 132 Term Project

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In Problem B, you will be using my regtools package. There are various ways to install it on your computer, e.g. for a Unix-family system.

git clone
mkdir ~/R
R CMD INSTALL -l ~/R regtools

and then add this line to your R startup file, ~/.Rprofile:


Note that regtools in turn requires several other packages to be installed. If you don't have them already installed, you'll get an error message telling you which ones you need.

For Problem B, you will also need to download the Porto taxi trip data. We will use only train.csv, which you can read using read.csv().

Problem A

("Scavenger hunt.") Each person in your group must find, and write a report on, a research poster somewhere in a campus building. The poster must use p-values or equivalents such as saying something like "The confidence intervals for the difference between two means does not contain 0."

Broadening due to pandemic: Many of you are not in Davis, so you can find a research paper online. It still must have a UCD professor as one of the authors.

In a paragraph or two, state the scientific topic being researched, and discuss how using confidence intervals instead of significance tests might result in a more insightful analysis, and discuss possible dangers reliance of p-values might bring in this case.

Each section must have the name of the team member who did the analysis for this example and wrote this section of your report. Again, note that there must be a different example written by each team member. The sections for Problem A should be titled accordingly.

You may wish to cite authority here, e.g. this announcement and its links.

Be sure to include the URL for the paper you analyze.

Problem B

As noted, this problem will involve analysis of the Porto taxi trip data. Here are some general rules:

Here are your tasks:

Details of the prediction task:

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