Profiles of selected Taiwan immigrants, from Chinatown No More, by Hsiang-Shui Chen, copyright Cornell University Press, 1992. Though written as an anthropological study, the book is a warm, vivid portrayal of typical lives of Taiwan immigrants to New York. Since Dr. Chen is also from Taiwan, his descriptions are especially valuable, since in essence they are written from an immigrant's point of view.

Profiles of selected Korean immigrants, from Blue Dreams, by Nancy Abelmann and John Lie, copyright Harvard University Press, 1995. Abelmann, a fluent speaker of Korean who has lived in Korea, and Lie, an ethnic Korean, give an excellent analysis the problems of Korean immigrants in Los Angeles, especially related to the 1992 riots in the South Central and Koreatown areas of the city. Accordingly, the mood here is often much grimmer than that of the Chen reference for Taiwan immigrants. The four profiles shown here focus on how the Koreans find work.