The INS.

The Organization of Chinese Americans has in recent years focused largely on immigration issues.

Similarly, the Asian Law Caucus focuses mainly on immigration issues. Their e-mail address is

The Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR).

The Tomas Rivera Center is interested in immigration and other Latino-related issues.

Some immigration issues are of concern to the Asian Community Online Network.

An Internet organization devoted to opposing California's Proposition 187.

UCLA's Chicano-LatinoNet, a network for Chicano-Latino studies, has much immigration-related material.

The U.S. Commission on Immigration Reform, a bipartisan congressionally-appointed panel.

The Asian-American newspaper Asian Week has coverage of immigration topics in almost every issue.

The Bay Area Coalition for Immigration Reform's Internet mailing list for those interested in immigration reform (a national list, not limited to California). Similar comments hold for the Midwest Coalition for Immigration Reform.

The Independent Federation of Chinese Students and Scholarshas been active in immigration legislation and in addressing discrimination against Chinese immigrant professionals.

The Pandora Science Project, which offers a critical look at the excessive hiring of foreign nationals in American university science departments.

The National Immigration Forum is an organization supporting immigrants and immigration.

Software Professionals' Political Action Committee, an organization dealing only with the issue of abuse of immigrant and temporary work visas issued to foreign-national computer programmers and other computer professionals. Note: Due to become inactive, Spring 1996. SoftPac's role will be taken up by the American Engineering Association.

The Urban Institute, headquartered in Washington, DC, has produced a number of publications on immigration, especially for pro-immigration government officials and ethnic political organizations, such as the Organization of Chinese Americans.

United We Stand America, which deals somewhat with immigration issues.

Californians for Population Stabilization is an environmentally oriented organization with a deep commitment to reducing both legal and illegal immigration.

The Center for Immigration Studies in Washington, D.C., maintains an Internet mailing list on immigration policy for academics, policymakers, journalists and others. The list concentrates on the United States, but includes information from other countries. CISNEWS is a moderated list with no discussion or debates, which is for announcements, news items, reviews, queries etc. (Not just items from CIS, but from anyone who wishes to submit something for consideration.) CISNEWS usually features 10 to 15 postings a week. Click here to join.

The Center for Immigration Research at the University of Houston has a Web site of academic papers on immigration.

United Citizens for Immigration Control is another immigration-reform activist group. Their e-mail address is

Asian Immigrant Women's Advocates is concerned with issues such as abuse by employers and women's health. Their e-mail address is aiwa@IGC.APC.ORG

A Web site dealing with Vietnamese refugees. (May 1995: This site was created specifically to facilitate lobbying against bill HR 1561. It is not known whether it will become permanent.)

The Asian-American Political Coalition (AAPC) is interested in general issues affecting Asian-Americans, including immigration. Their e-mail address is

Population-growth issues are discussed in KZPG's Web page. An an academic site on population issues is also of interest.

The Canadian government has a Web site on how to immigrate to Canada.

The Social Contract is a quarterly journal presenting critical, "academic-style" analysis of immigration and population issues. You can access the journal on-line by dialing your modem to (616) 347-2716, using the login name HSDEBATE and the password CONTRACT. There regular phone numbers are voice, (616) 347-1171 and fax, (616) 347-1185.

Some of the issues addressed by the American Engineering Association concern immigration, such as the hiring by American employers of foreign engineering professionals in the face of a national labor surplus in engineering.

Washington State Citizens for Immigration Control is quite active in immigration reform.

Voices of Citizens Together was active in the Yes on Prop. 187 campagain, and continues its work today.

Chinese for Affirmative Action is very active in opposing immigration-reform legislation

The American Immigration Lawyers Association.