The story of Dr. Raymond Luh, who was unfairly fired from his government job for reasons related to the fact that he was not a U.S. native.

Amy Wu believes that those who voted for Proposition 187 are helping to create discrimination against immigrants. (She is said to have changed this view later on.)

Next, Prof. Matloff's San Francisco Chronicle article on race relations between Asians and blacks/Latinos. He wrote this article at the request of the Chronicle, which specified the Asian focus. The Chronicle editor who approached Dr. Matloff with this request, Margaret Suh, is herself an Asian-American and has subsequently become editor of AsianWeek. Some Chinese-American activists, who did not realize the background behind this Asian focus in the article, reacted quite ngeatively in the Chinese-language media; click here for a summary of the controversy. A longer version of Dr. Matloff's article, calling on Asian-American leaders to take more proactive measures to reduce Asian immigrant racism toward blacks and Latinos, appeared in AsianWeek.

Attacks against Vietnamese immigrants in a largely black public housing project.

The Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA) of 1986 made it illegal to hire illegal aliens. However, because Congress feared that IRCA might lead to employer discrimination against "foreign-looking" job applicants, it included in IRCA a provision making it illegal (in most cases) for an employer to restrict a job to U.S. citizens, e.g. to bar "green card" holders. The Office of Special Counsel (OCS) was established to investigate cases of possible employer discrimination related to IRCA. The article by Lawrence Siskind, who headed OSC during 1987-1989, discusses OSC's role in ensuring that employers did not restrict jobs only to U.S. citizens and permanent residents.

A special series of articles in the Los Angeles Times on the fifth anniversity of the 1992 Los Angeles riots, in which many black rioters targeted Korean businesses.