Overview of contents:

Yeh Ling-Ling discusses the illegal immigrant "boat people" from China. In this article, Yeh also quotes from editorials in a popular Chinese-language San Francisco newspaper, included here as well.

Norman Matloff's San Francisco Examiner article on Rep. Nancy Pelosi's coercing students from China in the U.S. into supporting her China-trade-restriction bills in exchange for passing a bill giving the students U.S. green cards. His longer, more detailed account, focusing on the students' lobbying efforts and Congress' response to them, is here too; some of this material was also in Dr. Matloff's National Review article on politics and the Internet.

Don Barnett, who has lived in Russia, speaks Russian and is closely tied to the Russian immigrant community in the U.S., speaks about problems associated with refugees.

A UN site on refugees.