Next, more pieces on the Lowell High School controversy:

A Web link to the February 9, 1995 San Francisco Chronicle op-ed piece by Hugh Price, president of the Urban League.

Another Web link, to a site on affirmative action from a conservative point of view.

A Web link to Arthur Hu's conservative Web site, which includes some of his Asian Week columns on affirmative action and race relations. He also has a transcript of an affirmative action debate.

Another anti-affirmative action site.

A site devoted to promoting the California Civil Rights Initiative.

Virginia Postrel's call for meritocracy, in the October 1995 issue of Reason Magazine. The opposite point of view is expressed by Dr. Harry Pachon of the Tomas Rivera Center.

Report on affirmative action to President Clinton by his staff. Gives history of affirmative action, etc.

A special issue of The New Democrat (the Democratic Leadership Council's official magazine) devoted to discussion of affirmative action. Contributors include economist and social critic Joel Kotkin, sociologist Seymour Lipset, Urban League executive director Hugh Price, black conservative economist Glenn Loury, etc.

A very comprehensive Web site on affirmative action at UC Santa Barbara.

A Wall Street Journal article in which Prof. John Choon Yoo writes in opposition to affirmative action.