Norm Matloff's Jgraph Web Page

Professor Norman Matloff
Department of Computer Science
University of California at Davis

(Please mail any questions to Norm Matloff.)

The jgraph mathematical graphing package is designed as a front end to LaTeX. It reads in command language from a text file, and outputs Encapsulated Postscript to the standard output, which can be converted to other file types. The package is quite primitive but extremely easy to learn and use.

Note, however, that I personally no longer use jgraph. Instead, I use the R statistical package, which includes very nice graphics (not limited to statistical settings). See my R tutorial.

Jgraph is available from the jgraph home page and on many Web archives. It is free, public domain software.

Jgraph is distributed from its home page as a .shar.Z file. Use the Unix uncompress command and then the unshar command. If your system does not have the latter, get it from the sharutils package at the GNU Web site, or do a Web search on "jgraph" to get a .tar.gz or .tar.bz2 version, or an RPM file.

Jgraph should compile easily on almost any UNIX system. For Linux, add a line

#include <stdlib.h>
to the source file jgraph.c and add -DLCC to the definition of CC in the makefile.

Here is some documentation:

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