Prof. Marjorie Chan's Chinese materials links Web site. There is an enormously rich set of resources here.

Prof. Patrick Moran's site, Macintosh-oriented.

IFCSS maintains a large Chinese software archive.

Carlos McEvilly's Chinese-Language-Related Information Page.

English-Chinese dictionary of computer terms.

More information on how to read Chinese on the network (mainly non-Unix, e.g. Microsoft Windows).

Curricula in Chinese and Japanese at the City University of Hong Kong.

An appreciation of pioneer Chinese linguist Yuen Ren Chao.

Prof. Steve Simpson's Web site. He is especially known for his "Chinese-ization" of the TeX typsetting software.

China the Beautiful, a very elegant, visually appealing collage on China's art, culture, literature and history. Be sure to use a graphics-oriented browser on this one!

Charles Chen's page on Chinese online reading materials, mainly Taiwan-oriented.

A commercial site on linguistic-related materials, especially Chinese.